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Watch the match in high quality Channel Three

 You can watch the encrypted Ben Sport 1 channel for free without cutting and without ads online. BN Sport is an encrypted channel affiliated with BN Sport Arabia, which specializes in broadcasting all sports matches

You can watch beIN Sports 1 always and anywhere from here on the Al Ostoura website to broadcast matches.

beIN Sports is a network of encrypted sports channels headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

beIN Sports channels were unified under one name after it was merged with Al-Hazira Sports Channel previously. The group includes 17 channels in the Middle East, 3 channels in France, 2 in America, in addition to another in Australia, Turkey and other countries.

beIN Sports broadcasts in several languages, which has contributed to enriching the global sports scene. Perhaps the most prominent languages ​​in which beIN Sports broadcasts are Arabic, French, English, Turkish and Indonesian.

beIN Sports channels cover various international sports events, each according to its assigned geographical region, with high quality and modern technologies.

beIN Sports exclusively owns the rights to broadcast international leagues in the Middle East and North Africa region, and among all the leagues broadcast by beIN Sports channels, we find:

-English Premier League

-Champions League

-European League

-La Liga

-The Italian League

European Nations League

-world Cup

Women's World Cup

-European Cup

-Asia Cup

- Copa America

In addition to all these prestigious leagues and competitions that the Arab public watch on beIN Sports, we also find some African competitions, such as:

-African Champions League

African Confederation Cup

Africa Cup of Nations

African Cup for locals.

Features of beIN Sports 1


beIN Sports channels were born big and took off strongly in the media scene and quickly eliminated all forms of competition in Arab radio broadcasting.

In a short period of time, beIN Sports managed to pull the rug from under the feet of the Emirati Abu Dhabi Sports channels and Dubai Sports channels, and deprived them of the rights to broadcast major leagues such as the German and English Premier League.

beIN Sports channels are distinguished by their high professionalism and modern technologies that they use in broadcasting through their contracts with the most powerful companies in the field.

beIN Sports includes some of the best Arab sports commentators and descriptors such as Issam Al Shawali, Hafeez Darraji, Khalil Al Balushi and Raouf Bin Khalif.

beIN Sports also offers great analysis studios with the best analysts, technical frameworks and ex-players who have given a special character to the analysis of the matches.

In parallel, the channel has an elite group of analytics studios and the best news providers, making it a leading channel in the field.

The frequency of the beIN Sports 1 . channel

Sports followers in the Middle East and North Africa can catch the broadcast of beIN Sports channels via the Es'hailSat or Nilesat satellites.

beIN Sports offers its viewers the beIN Sports News channel, beIN Sports HD, free of charge and without subscription.

beIN sports is constantly updating its package, adding new channels recently, which are bein sports premium 1 and bein sports premium 2.

We now offer you the frequency of the beIN Sports channel package in the Middle East and North Africa:

Moon: Nilesat

- Frequency: 11084

- Coding rate: 27500

Polarization: vertical.

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