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Watch the match in high quality

 We offer you to watch beIN Sports 3 live, broadcasting live in high quality and permanently via the takadum site to broadcast matches to enable you to follow the football matches live.

beIN Sports is the most watched sports channel by virtue of its exclusive transmission of the most prominent international sports events in very high quality.

Since its establishment in 2014 after its merger with Al Jazeera Sports Network, beIN Sports channels have been able to rise to the top of the sports scene and have known a skyrocketing rise.

Contributed to the emergence of beIN Sports channels, the high craftsmanship of the Qatari group, which has been providing comfortable and enjoyable viewing of sports events, especially those related to football.


beIN Sports has an elite crew of programmers, seasoned analytical studios and distinguished commentators as well as the best correspondents across Europe and the world.

Go4kora has been favored in leading the Arab channels specialized in sports as well, thanks to the financial capabilities. The terrible Qatari channels that enabled them to buy the rights to broadcast all the important sports competitions.

In the past years, beIN Sports did not find a real competitor, which helped it monopolize broadcasting rights for a number of leagues and competitions for many years.

The only obstacle standing in the way of beIN Sports to become in every home is the high cost of their packages, which are rapidly updated.

And takadum’s belief in the importance of football in the lives of all peoples, we offer you to watch beIN Sports 3 live exclusively and permanently, where you can watch the live broadcast of beIN Sports channels anytime and anywhere.

And we were not satisfied with the takadum live tv channel, but you can watch other beIN Sports channels that we mention to you in the following lines. It is enough to click on the name of the channel to open the live broadcast of your selected beIN Sports channel.

The frequency of the beIN Sports 3 channel on Nilesat

Bein Match channels are constantly updating their packages and increasing the number and quality of their channels to suit the acceleration of sporting events and technological progress.

beIN Sports recently launched two new channels, beIN Sports Premium 1 and beIN Sports Premium 2.

Capturing channels between beIN Sports is available on Nilesat and Qatar’s Es’hailSat, but watching encrypted channels depends only on the beIN Sports receiver.

For those who wish to watch the beIN Sports News channel or the open channel beIN Sports HD, this is possible provided that you have a device that supports HD technology.

The frequency of the beIN Sports 3 channel is the same as the frequency of the beIN Sports 2 channel and all beIN Sports channels that fall into the same package.

Therefore, the frequency of the beIN Sports 3 channel on Nilesat is as follows:

Moon: Nilesat.

Frequency: 11084 vertical.

Coding rate: 27500.

An enjoyable time for all our valued visitors.

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